which of the following statements describe chemical properties

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  • What are chemical properties of a substance?

  • Chemical properties, such as combustibility, are generally observed as the identity of a substance changes and one or more new substances form. Which uses of iron are due to its chemical properties?

  • Can changes in physical properties change the chemical composition of a substance?

  • Changes can occur to physical properties of a substance, but the chemical composition of the substance remains the same. The descriptions below explain two ways that water is used by plants on a sunny day.

  • What are some examples of chemical changes in nature?

  • Iron has a tendency to rust. Rainwater in industrialized regions tends to be acidic. Hemoglobin molecules have a red color. When a glass of water is left out in the sun, the water gradually disappears. Carbon dioxide in air is converted to more complex molecules by plants during

  • Does water undergo a chemical change but keep its identity?

  • In transpiration, because some of its properties change, water undergoes a physical change but keeps its identity. In photosynthesis, because its identity changes, water undergoes a chemical change. Which statement describes all chemical changes, but not all physical changes?

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