which of the following processes is a chemical reaction

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  • What are some examples of chemical reactions and processes?

  • Examples of chemical reactions and processes. 1 1- Fermentation. It is an incomplete oxidation process where a reactive agent (such as yeast) causes the accelerated proliferation of microorganisms … 2 2- Alloy. 3 3- Coagulation. 4 4- Corrosion. 5 5- Hydrolysis. More items

  • What is a chemical process?

  • A chemical process is all that action that allows you to take a material and transform it into a final product with different characteristics. Normally chemical processes are able to modify the properties, conditions or the state of an element so that it can be used differently.

  • What are the 10 steps of the chemical reaction?

  • 1 Fermentation. 2 Alloy. 3 Coagulation. 4 Corrosion. 5 Hydrolysis. 6 Ionization. 7 Precipitate. 8 Nuclear fusion. 9 Photosynthesis. 10 Combustion.

  • What is the importance of chemical processes in everyday life?

  • In everyday life there are numerous chemical processes, many of which are vital in natural cycles and in the industrialized world. It is precisely in the industry where processes and chemical reactions are most used, either to generate more resistant materials or with more suitable conditions for a specific purpose.

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