which element is chemically similar to oxygen

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  • What is the difference between ionic compounds and oxyanions?

  • ions that are made of more than one atom oxyanions polyatomic ions that contain one or more oxygen atoms -ate more oxygen -ite less oxygen per- more oxygen than -ate hypo- less oxygen than -ite ionic compounds solids that typically melt at high temperatures and boil at even higher temperatures; not electrically conductive as a solid

  • What elements are found in all biomolecules?

  • All biomolecules are made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.*** Nucleic acids are the 1. Which elements are most abundant in living organisms?

  • How many compounds are formed when nitrogen is mixed with oxygen?

  • Nitrogen forms five compounds with oxygen in which1.0g of nitrogen combines with0.572,1.14,1.73,2.28,2.85 of oxygen respectively. verify law of multiple proportions. Proteins (Help!) What elements make up proteins?

  • What is the outermost electron in the periodic table of elements?

  • Sodium, in the third row, has an outermost electron that is 3s1. Potassium, in the fourth row, has an outermost electron that is 4s1. Rubidium, in the fifth row, has an outermost electron that is 5s1.)

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