which can be a source of chemical contamination

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Chemical contamination occurs when food is contaminated by chemicals. Some of the most common causes of chemical contamination arecleaning products or pesticides and herbicides from unwashed fruit and vegetables. Industrial chemicals and cleaning products include detergents,sanitizers and other chemical products that you may have on site.

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  • What is the source of chemical contamination of food?

  • Chemical contamination of food can occur at various stages during food production, processing, filling, and storage. To identify packaging as the source of food contamination a study requires a specific protocol (Table 4 ).

  • What are examples of chemical contaminants?

  • Let’s go over some examples of chemical contaminants and where they may be found. At home, chemical contaminants may arise from various sources, such as detergents, disinfectants, and even deodorants. The food that you eat or the water that you drink may also be subject to chemical contamination.

  • What is the main source of contamination of drinking water?

  • Such a source of contamination of the drinking water is particularly prevalent in low and middle-income countries (Bain et al., 2014). By-products of pharmaceuticals are also toxic and another identified source of water contamination by chemicals (Shen and Andrews, 2011).

  • What is chemical contamination in geography?

  • Chemical contamination. Chemical contaminants are chemicals toxic to plants and animals in waterways. The phrase ‘chemical contamination’ is used to indicate situations where chemicals are either present where they shouldn鈥檛 be, or are at higher concentrations than they would naturally have occurred.

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