where to drop off old paint and chemicals

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Make sure you check your local council’s preferences before deciding on how you will dispose of your paint products. Most empty paint tins can go in your normal garbage or recycle bins or be dropped off at awaste collection centre.

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  • How do I dispose of old paint?

  • That means contacting a local hazardous waste drop-off facility, communicating with them about your paint recycling needs. Organizations such as Habitat for Humanity PaintCare accept paint donations. How do you dispose of water-based paint (Latex)?

  • How do you dispose of latex paint in California?

  • Never throw away leftover liquid paints in your trash. Once it’s dry, dispose of the dried out latex paint as solid waste. Please note that the state of California does not permit the treatment of latex paint waste including air drying. Instead, locate a PaintCare location for recycling your leftover paint or a disposal company.

  • Where can I get leftover paint from the public?

  • In PaintCare states (those with paint stewardship programs) the PaintCare site locator lists all of the retailers and household hazardous waste facilities who have partnered with PaintCare to accept leftover paint from the public.

  • Where can I recycle paint?

  • Many waste management companies do not offer curbside pick up of paint products because of some paint products are classified as hazardous material. That means the best way to find a paint recycling center near me is to first check with some of the popular home improvement businesses in the area such as Sherwin Williams, Lowes, and Home Depot.

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