where is the energy added to a chemical reaction stored

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Chemical energy is stored in thebonds that connect atoms with other atoms and molecules with other molecules. Because chemical energy is stored,it is a form of potential energy. When a chemical reaction takes place,the stored chemical energy is released.

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  • What type of energy is stored in atoms?

  • Most often, it’s considered energy of chemical bonds, but the term also includes energy stored in the electron arrangement of atoms and ions. It is a form of potential energy that you won’t observe until a reaction occurs. Chemical energy can be changed into other forms of energy through chemical reactions or chemical changes.

  • How is energy stored in an exothermic reaction?

  • The energy is stored in the form of chemical compounds A and B created by an endothermic reaction and is recovered again by recombining the compounds in an exothermic reaction to compound AB [ Eq. (1.5) ]. At high enough temperatures, the products A and B are spatially separated.

  • How do chemical reactions exchange energy with the surroundings?

  • All chemical reactions exchange energy with the surroundings by releasing or absorbing heat. Reactions that produce or consume gases also exchange energy as pressure-volume work. The amount of heat exchanged with the surroundings is an important property of a chemical reaction.

  • What is the release of chemical energy stored in organic compounds?

  • The release of chemical energy stored in organic compounds occurs in two stages: catabolism and respiration.

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