where can i dispose of household chemicals

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Household Chemical CleanOut events

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  • How do you dispose of used chemicals?

  • Laboratories have specific waste disposal departments that take care of this. Once you have a full container, schedule a pick-up for disposal. Store the used chemical in a proper container for disposal. A sealed plastic container is generally sufficient.

  • How do you dispose of Household hazardous waste safely?

  • Some quick tips for the safe handling of household hazardous wastes include: Follow any instructions for use and storage provided on product labels carefully to prevent any accidents at home. Be sure to read product labels for disposal directions to reduce the risk of products exploding, igniting, leaking, mixing with other chemicals, …

  • How can I get rid of household chemicals and hazardous materials?

  • Waste Management has decades of experience managing household chemicals and hazardous materials responsibly and can remove them with our At Your Door Special Collection service. Or, if the service isn鈥檛 available in your area, you can instead bring your excess to one of hundreds of convenient drop-off locations.

  • How do you dispose of store-bought solvents?

  • Store solvents for special collection. Solvents such as paint and varnish must be disposed of at a special recycling center or collected by a hazardous waste company. Many home improvement stores have paint recycling centers as well. Latex paints can be disposed of at home.

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