when alcohol evaporates is it a chemical change

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Not a chemical change

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  • Is evaporation a chemical or physical change?

  • Evaporation is a physical change it is not a chemical change. It is a physical change because it is going from the liquid phase to the gas phase. It is not a chemical change because it is still made of two hydrogen atoms and an oxygen atom. Physical.

  • How does evaporation occur in alcohol?

  • The evaporation occurs when the vapor pressure at the surface of the alcohol solution is greater than the air above the surface of liquid due to which the molecules of liquid rapidly vibrate and escapes out of the liquid and converts into the gas molecule.

  • What happens to the chemical makeup when a liquid evaporates?

  • When a liquid evaporates, the chemical makeup of the substance has not been altered. The only change is a change of phase caused by temperature and pressure.

  • What is the chemical state of water after evaporation?

  • If you consider water before evaporation, it is H 2O (l), if you then consider water after evaporation it is H 2O (g). It is still H 2O – the molecule hasn’t changed, all that has changed is the physical state. A chemical change is one in which changes to chemical structure occur during the change, i.e.

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