what’s in a chemical spill kit

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Chemical Spill Kits A chemical spill kit is required in every laboratory to prepare for minor chemical spills. In case of a minor chemical spill,every laboratory needs to have the following items available in a consolidated,portable kit:Absorbent materials,such as pillows,pads,etc.

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  • What are the recommended contents of a chemical spill kit?

  • The recommended contents of a chemical spill kit are: absorbent materials such as vermiculite or spill pillows neutralizing agents for acids such as sodium bicarbonate or sodium carbonate neutralizing agents for alkali spills such as sodium bisulfate or citric acid mercury absorbent (or contact EHS for use of special mercury vacuum)

  • How does the spill kit work?

  • When applied to an oil or fuel spill, the Spill Kit’s absorbents imbue the spill and soak up the oil droplets. It achieves this by using a combination of bioactive and synthetic elements. Find out more about Fuel and Oil Spill Kits. All Spill Kits should be topped up immediately if any of the products have been used.

  • Why choose spillfix spill containment kits?

  • There are many varieties of spill containment kits available throughout the USA, but not all are made equal. SpillFix spill kits are the only of their kind to include a granular absorbent, making their absorbent capacity much higher than other kits. SpillFix granular absorbent are what makes SpillFix spill kits so high performing.

  • What is a Hazchem spill kit?

  • As the name suggests, Hazchem Spill Kits are for use on spills involving hazardous chemicals, such as mild acids, caustics, solvents, paints and pesticides. Hazchem Spill Kits include: The absorbents within a Hazchem Spill Kit safely and effectively soak up chemical spills.

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