what pool chemicals do i need

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The Most Common Above Ground Swimming Pool ChemicalsChlorine and Bromine: Either of these will neutralize bacterial growth. That way,when you are in the pool,all the water is sanitary.Cyanuric Acid: When included with your chlorine,its useful lifespan extends. By stabilizing the chlorine to UV light,it does not break down as quickly.Sodium Carbonate: On an as-needed basis,this raises your pHSodium Bisulfate: When this is added,both the pH and alkalinity lower.Sodium Bicarbonate: To increase the pool鈥檚 alkalinity,use a dash of this.Calcium Chloride: To raise water hardness,use some of this.Quaternary Ammonia: This is the most common anti-algae chemical used in pools.Sodium Di-Chlor: This is an Oxidizer.

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  • What chemicals are needed to open a pool?

  • Required Pool Opening Chemicals 1 Alkalinity increaser 2 pH increaser 3 pH decreaser 4 Cyanuric acid or cya is also known as a chlorine stabilizer 5 Pool shock 6 Chlorine pucks or the sanitizer of your choice 7 calcium hardness increaser

  • What is the best chemical balance for a swimming pool?

  • The Perfect Chemical Balance for a Pool Start Up. 1 pH 鈥?7.2-7.6. 2 Alkalinity 鈥?80-120 ppm. 3 Calcium Hardness 鈥?180-220 ppm. 4 Cyanuric Acid 鈥?30-50 ppm. 5 Chlorine 鈥?1-3 ppm.

  • Do you need chlorine for a pool start up?

  • You only need to add this chemical if you鈥檙e using free chlorine. However, quite a lot of people do use this type of chlorine for pool start up. You should add Stabilizer to bring your level up to 30 ppm to protect free chlorine that you鈥檝e added into your pool.

  • What is the best chlorine level for a pool?

  • Your pH level is really important for keeping your pool in good working order. If this is off, then your chlorine won鈥檛 be working properly which can lead to unsafe water and too much chlorine. Your pH level should be the second thing that you address when adding chemicals. The ideal range is between 7.2 and 7.6.

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