what part of the atom is involved in chemical reactions

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  • Which part of an atom is involved in nuclear reactions?

  • The nucleus is involved. There are two types of nuclear reactions, namely nuclear (radioactive) decay and nuclear transmutation. Radioactive decay is when an unstable nucleus of an atom, generally everything with a higher atomic number than Lead has an unstable nucleus, emits radiation to form a product with a more stable nucleus.

  • What is it called when atoms react with each other?

  • Atoms that react with each other in a chemical reaction are called reactants. The atoms that are produced in the reaction are called products. There are no new atoms that are created or destroyed during a chemical reaction.

  • What happens to atoms during a chemical reaction?

  • What Happens to Atoms During a Chemical Reaction? What Happens to Atoms During a Chemical Reaction? During a chemical reaction, atoms react with each other to form new products. Atomic bonds in reactants are broken and new ones are formed for creating new products. If atoms from two different elements react with each other, a compound is formed.

  • What are the parts of an atom?

  • What Are The Parts Of An Atom? 1 Structure Of The Atom: Our current model of the atom can be broken down into three constituents parts 鈥?protons, neutron, and electrons. Each of these … 2 Atomic Mass: 3 Radioactive Decay: 4 History of Study: 5 Modern Experiments:

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