what is the chemical name for ncl3

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Nitrogen trichloride

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  • What does NCl3 stand for?

  • The proposed Impinger Method (IM) was used to measure the environmental levels of nitrogen trichloride (NCl3) in 17 indoor swimming pools located in Northern Italy. This new analytical protocol is based on a colorimetric reaction commonly employed to detect the total and free chlorine levels in water.

  • What is the chemical formula for nitrogen trichloride?

  • NCl3 is the chemical formula for Nitrogen trichloride. Also, called trichloramine it is a halogen nitride that is yellow and oily with a pungent smell.

  • What is the Lewis structure of NF3 and NCl3?

  • NCl3 lewis structure is the same as the NF3 structure. It contains one nitrogen atom at the center and three chlorine atoms spaced evenly around it. One lone pair present on the central atom of the NCl3 lewis structure and three lone pairs on each chlorine atom. 1. Count total valence electron in NCl3

  • What is the valence electron for nitrogen and chlorine in NCl3?

  • Hence valence electron for nitrogen is 5 and for chlorine, it is 7. 鈭?Total valence electron available for drawing the leis structure of NCl3 = 5 + 7*3 = 26 electrons [鈭碞Cl3 has three chlorine atoms and one nitrogen atom] 2. Find the least electronegative atom and placed it at center

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