what is the chemical formula for nitrogen

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N 2

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  • What is the formula for nitrogen gas?

  • Nitrogen gas is a diatomic, colourless gas that forms the 78% of the atmosphere of the Earth. Formula and structure: The nitrogen gas chemical formula is N 2. The molar mass is g/mol.

  • What is the colour of nitrogen gas?

  • It has no colour, mostly diatomic non-metal gas along with odourless and colourless in nature. The chemical symbol for nitrogen is N. The chemical formula for nitrogen gas is N 2. The formula can be represented as N鈮.

  • What is the chemical symbol for nitrogen?

  • The chemical symbol for Nitrogen is N. The atom consist of a small but massive nucleus surrounded by a cloud of rapidly moving electrons. The nucleus is composed of protons and neutrons.

  • What is the electronic configuration of nitrogen in N2?

  • Nitrogen gas is one of the diatomic elements, in which one molecule comprises of two atoms of the same element bonded by one or more covalent bonds. In the case of N2 the two nitrogen atoms are bonded by a triple covalent bond. The electronic configuration of nitrogen (Z=7) = 1s2 2s2 2px12py12pz1.

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