what is the chemical formula for gasoline

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So, to sum up, gasoline is a complicated mixture of hydrocarbons boiling between 120 and 400 degrees F, with chemical formulas betweenC 6 H 14 and C 12 H 26, but a good average compound is C 8 H 18.

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  • What is the chemical structure of gasoline?

  • Formula and structure: Gasoline is mixture of different alkanes, alkenes and cycloalkanes compounds. Most of these compounds have between 4-12 carbon atoms per molecules. The main components are isooctane, butane, 3-ethyltoluene and methyl tert-butyl ether.

  • What is gasoline?

  • It forms of chemicals that present in several physical states (gaseous, liquid, or others). Gasoline goes through refining process from petroleum. The gasoline discussed in this profile is gasoline as a fuel for engines in automobiles and other vehicles. We should be a concern of chemicals emitted from fuels.

  • Is there a compound if ethanol in gasoline?

  • There is a slight compound if ethanol found in gasoline. It is a simple alcohol that linked to a hydroxyl group. Ethanol is a flammable chemical. Therefore, gasoline should handle with extra care due to much explosive chemicals substance in it. It is colorless liquid with a slight significant odor.

  • How is gasoline made?

  • Preparation: Gasoline is prepared from fractional distillation of crude-oil in oil refineries. The distilled product, a colorless liquid, is then mixture with some additives as ethanol.

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