what is the chemical formula for chromium iii phosphate

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Cr (PO4)2

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  • What is the formula for chromium (III) phosphate trihydrate?

  • The formula for chromium (III) phosphate trihydrate is CrPO4- 3H20. This compound if in the anhydrous state, exists as a green crystal whereas a hydrated form violet crystal. The formula for cobalt (II) phosphate octahydrate is Co3 (PO4)2鈥?H2O. 1. Chromium (III) phosphate trihydrate: CrPO鈧勨€?H鈧侽 2. Cobalt (II) phosphate octahydrate: Co鈧?(PO鈧?鈧傗€?H鈧侽

  • What is the formula for cobalt II phosphate octahydrate?

  • Cobalt (II) phosphate octahydrate: Co鈧?(PO鈧?鈧傗€?H鈧侽 Chromium (III) phosphate is an inorganic chemical compound having the chemical formula CrPO鈧? in which the chromium metal is present in the +3 oxidation state.

  • What is the molecular weight of CrPO4 in grams?

  • 鈥衡€?Chromium(III) Phosphate molecular weight. Molar mass of CrPO4 = 146.967461 g/mol. Convert grams Chromium(III) Phosphate to moles or moles Chromium(III) Phosphate to grams. Molecular weight calculation: 51.9961 + 30.973761 + 15.9994*4.

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