what is the chemical compound of coffee

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  • What are the chemical components of coffee?

  • Chemical constituents The main constituents of coffee are caffeine, tannin, fixed oil, carbohydrates, and proteins. It contains 2鈥?% caffeine, 3鈥?% tannins, 13% proteins, and 10鈥?5% fixed oils. In the seeds, caffeine is present as a salt of chlorogenic acid (CGA).

  • Is caffeine a bitter compound?

  • Although Caffeine is the most well know molecule and although is a bitter compound, it only contributes about 15% of coffee’s bitter compounds. Caffeine does however bind to adenosine receptors in the brain which is causes a stimulant effect.

  • What is the nature of caffeine?

  • Caffeine is xanthine alkaloid that occurs naturally in seeds, leaves and fruit of several plants and trees that acts as a natural pesticide. Caffeine is a major component of coffee, tea and chocolate and in humans acts as a central nervous system (CNS) stimulant.

  • What gives coffee its aroma?

  • A number of families of compounds are significant contributors to coffee鈥檚 aroma. Several sulfur-containing compounds are of importance, including 2-furfurylthiol, with an aroma that on its own is actually commonly described as 鈥榬oasted coffee鈥?

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