what is the best chemical to unblock drains

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Hydrogen Peroxide

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  • What is the best chemical drain cleaner?

  • The most effective chemical drain cleaner by far is drain acid. This is basically sulphuric acid and will dissolve anything organic in the drain. Clogs of hair 鈥?gone, food scraps in the kitchen waste pipe 鈥?gone. Make no mistake, this is very strong and nasty stuff.

  • What is the best chemical to unclog a toilet?

  • The best chemicals to unclog a toilet. Green Gobbler. This revolutionary formula in Green Gobbler makes this product biodegradable and safe to use, offering a very effective solution to the blocked drains.

  • Do you need chemicals to clear a clogged drain?

  • Some chemicals are good enough for clearing the drains while some are unsafe, causing damage to the skin, the eyes and when ingested through the nose for too long, cause some level of discomfort. As it is, some clogs cannot be cleared with just plungers; hence the need for chemicals.

  • How do you unblock a clogged drain?

  • In most cases, this will completely unblock your drain. Generally, salt and baking soda are items we all have in our kitchen cupboards. Simply mix half a cup of table salt with half a cup of baking soda and pour it down the blocked drain. Leave it to work for 10-20 minutes and then pour boiling water down after it.

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