what is the best chemical to kill termites

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  • What is the best insecticide to kill termites?

  • 1 Arsenic Dust. Also known as arsenic trioxide, this deadly poison has proven to be very effective when it comes to termite control. 2 Hexaflumuron. Unlike the first mentioned chemical, this termite pesticide is slow-acting, yet it is also very effective when it comes to killing these invasive insects. 3 Imidacloprid. … 4 Fipronil. …

  • How to get rid of termite infestations?

  • The first step to taking care of a termite infestation is buying a good termite killer. All of these products have great reviews and should effectively kill termites. You should do your research and make an informed decision, though. For indoor infestations, Talstar Pro or Bifen XTS are probably the best products.

  • Does termite killer kill termites alone?

  • This powerful insecticide doesn鈥檛 just kill termites alone, it also ensures other insects have no place around the areas it has been applied on. Mostly suitable for indoor use, this anti-termite chemical has been known to be highly effective, yet very economical.

  • Does vinegar kill termites?

  • It will kill present termites on contact and it helps to keep others from using the tube in which you sprayed the vinegar. Repeating this application can help to stop early stages of an infestation as well as prevent future infestations. What Chemicals Kill Termites? Of course, you would want to know the best chemical to kill termites.

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