what is chemical pregnancy bleeding like

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Similar to a period

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  • What are the symptoms of chemical pregnancy?

  • Since this occurs really early in pregnancy, most women consider it as normal menstrual cycle bleeding only. Along with heavy bleeding, chemical pregnancy might come with heavy cramping and abdominal pain (these symptoms many women face during normal menstruation). In many cases, the woman might pass tissue from the vagina in chemical pregnancy.

  • Is implantation bleeding a sign of chemical pregnancy?

  • Implantation bleeding is quite common and there is nothing to be worried in the same. However, many women get scared thinking it to be chemical pregnancy or miscarriage. In implantation bleeding, vaginal bleeding occurs in very small amount almost around 10 days post conception.

  • How is chemical pregnancy different from other miscarriages?

  • Chemical pregnancy is different from other miscarriages. One person early in the pregnancy may have a miscarriage and only experience bleeding and cramping for a few hours. Another person may have miscarriage bleeding for up to a few days, and it may look like menstrual bleeding.

  • What are the causes of chemical pregnancies?

  • Chemical pregnancies are caused by chromosomal problems with the developing baby. Chromosomes are blocks of DNA, which contain instructions for your baby鈥檚 development. Lack of common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness or breast soreness after a positive pregnancy test

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