what is chemical hygiene plan

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The ChemicalHygiene Plan (CHP) establishes a formal written program for protecting laboratory personnel against adverse health and safety hazards associated with exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and must be made available to all employees working with hazardous chemicals.

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  • What is a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)?

  • Every laboratory should have a Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). This is the plan to help protect people working in a laboratory setting. You should be familiar with your school or organization鈥檚 CHP, and it should be readily available to all. The CHP is described in the OSHA document 29 CFR 1910.1450, Laboratory Standard.

  • What is the Cornell University Chemical Hygiene Plan?

  • The Cornell University Chemical Hygiene Plan is developed and coordinated by Environment, Health and Safety (EHS). This Chemical Hygiene Plan is designed to supplement department and laboratory specific safety manuals and procedures that already address chemical safety in laboratories.

  • Who is the author of the Chemical Hygiene Plan?

  • Chemical Hygiene Plan Author Authored by the Division of Occupational Health and Safety \(DOHS\) and the Occupational Safety and Health Committee \(OSHC\). Subject 2021 Created Date 6/21/2021 2:51:16 PM

  • What are the components of a chemical hazardous chemicals protection plan?

  • The CHP is described in the OSHA document 29 CFR 1910.1450, Laboratory Standard. The components of a CHP include: Standard operating procedures involving the use of hazardous chemicals Criteria to determine and implement control measures to reduce employee exposure to hazardous chemicals Engage with other members of the chemical safety community.

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