what is a chemical inventory list

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Hazard Communication Standard

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  • What should be included in a chemical inventory?

  • Examples of Chemicals that should be included in your Chemical Inventory: Particularly Hazardous Substances EPA Lists of Lists: Extremely Hazardous Substances; CERCLA Hazardous Substances; EPCRA Toxic Chemicals; CAA Regulated… Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chemicals of Interest EPA …

  • What is a hazardous chemical inventory list?

  • Chemical Inventory Lists. Hazard Communication Standard, requires employers to make a chemical inventory list of the hazardous chemicals present in the workplace. The chemicals on these lists are identified with markers to easily find the corresponding safety data sheet (SDS).

  • What is the new chemical inventory tool?

  • This new inventory tool replaces the old third-party software, CIS (Chemical Inventory System). UC Chemicals is a web-based system that facilitates the collection and storage of information related to chemical types and amounts within campus laboratories and facilities. Chemicals helps UC meet reporting and compliance requirements.

  • What is an accurate chemical inventory?

  • Maintaining an accurate chemical inventory is a regulatory requirement for using, handling, and storage of hazardous materials. The University of California requires Principal Investigators and/or Departments to disclose hazardous material inventory records to EHS if a hazardous chemical is used, handled, or stored in University facilities.

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