what is a chemical flush

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Basic cleanse

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  • What is a chemical flush and what are the benefits?

  • A chemical flush is designed to deep clean your system and remove rust and debris from your boiler, pipes and radiators. Cleaning out the build-up of debris inside your central heating system has many benefits, such as: How often should I get a chemical flush?

  • What is the difference between a power flush and chemical flush?

  • Unlike a power flush, a chemical flush uses gravity to flush a blend of chemicals into your system, leaving the chemicals to circulate and break down the debris. After this process, clean water is flushed through the system to remove the loose debris and sludge.

  • What is a central heating chemical system flush?

  • What is a Chemical Flush? A chemical system flush is a simple process designed to clear rust out of the insides of the pipes of your central heating system. You just pump some chemicals in, and they work to clean out blockages, allowing hot water to flow more easily to ensure that things stay hot.

  • What is a chemical boiler flush&how does it work?

  • A chemical boiler flush is a standard process that is usually conducted when a new boiler has been installed. It removes rust debris inside your system that helps clean your boiler, pipes radiators – which helps hot water to flow more easily efficiently.

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