what household chemicals make hydrogen sulfide

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  • What is the chemical name for hydrogen sulfide?

  • Hydrogen Sulphide. Hydrogen sulfide is a chemical compound with H 2 S as its chemical formula. The gas is colorless with the repellant odor of rotten eggs. It is highly corrosive, flammable and poisonous gas. The hydrogen sulfide gas is mainly used in industrial areas.

  • How to get hydrogen sulfide?

  • The most common method that can be used to obtain hydrogen sulfide is by separating it from sour gas. Now, this gas is basically natural gas with a high content of H 2 S. Hydrogen sulphide can also be produced by using molten elemental sulfur to treat hydrogen at about 450 C. In this, hydrocarbons serve as a source of hydrogen in this process.

  • Is hydrogen sulfide flammable?

  • Hydrogen sulfide is a highly explosive and flammable gas and is capable of causing life-threatening conditions if handled without care. Moreover, hydrogen sulfide gas burns readily and forms other toxic gases and vapours like sulfur dioxide.

  • What are the chemical properties of hydrogen sulphide?

  • Chemical Properties of Hydrogen Sulphide. Hydrogen sulfide is heavier than air by a minute margin, a mixture of air and H 2 S can lead to an explosion. Oxygen and Hydrogen sulfide catch fire with a blue flame to produce sulfur dioxide (SO 2) and water. Basically, hydrogen sulfide serves as a reducing agent and mostly in the presence…

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