what happens to matter during a chemical reaction

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Atoms are regrouped or rearranged

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  • What happens during a chemical reaction?

  • What Happens During a Chemical Reaction? The molecules of one reactant are combined with those of another reactant to form a new substance during a chemical reaction. As the chemical bonds are broken, the positions of electrons change, resulting in a product with properties that are different from the properties of the reactants.

  • What is the difference between substances and reactions?

  • Substances are either chemical elements or compounds. A chemical reaction rearranges the constituent atoms of the reactants to create different substances as products. Chemical reactions are an integral part of technology, of culture, and indeed of life itself.

  • What happens to matter in a physical change?

  • what happens to matter in a physical change. nothing!During a physical change, the composition of the matter does not change. what happens to matter during a chemical change. During a chemical change, the composition of matter always changes. what is also called a chemical change.

  • What happens when bonds are broken in chemical reactions?

  • According to the modern view of chemical reactions, bonds between atoms in the reactants must be broken, and the atoms or pieces of molecules are reassembled into products by forming new bonds. Energy is absorbed to break bonds, and energy is evolved as bonds are made.

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