what does dow chemical make

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The Dow Chemical Company ( TDCC) is an American multinational chemical corporation headquartered in Midland,Michigan,United States,and a subsidiary of Dow Inc. The company is among the three largest chemical producers in the world. Dow manufacturesplastics,chemicals,and agricultural products.

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  • What does Dow Chemical Company do?

  • (Show more) Dow Chemical Company, American chemical and plastics manufacturer that is one of the world鈥檚 leading suppliers of chemicals, plastics, synthetic fibres, and agricultural products. Headquarters are in Midland, Michigan.

  • What does Dow make in the United States?

  • Dow鈥檚 chlorine products found application in insecticides and (through the electrolysis of magnesium chloride) stucco and magnesium metal. Dow Chemical Company (and later, Dow Corning) formed the basis of the city鈥檚 economy, producing a wide range of industrial, agricultural, and consumer chemicals and petrochemicals.

  • What is the difference between Dow and DowDuPont?

  • In April 2019, the DowDuPont conglomerate separated into three companies: Dow, dedicated to commodity chemicals; DuPont, dedicated to specialty chemicals; and Corteva, dedicated to agricultural chemicals and seeds. Based on revenue, the spun-off Dow is the second leading chemical company worldwide behind German chemical manufacturer, BASF.

  • Is Dow Chemical Company owned by DuPont?

  • In 2009 Dow purchased speciality chemical manufacturer Rohm Haas, and six years later Dow merged with former rival the DuPont Company to form DowDuPont. Dow Chemical Company employs tens of thousands of people worldwide and operates manufacturing plants in more than 150 countries.

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