what do chemical reactions that absorb energy need to occur

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A chemical reaction resulting in a net release of energy is calledexothermic. Conversely, a chemical reaction requiring a net input of energy to occur is called endothermic. The relationship between chemical reactions and energy exchange corresponds to the breaking or making of chemical bonds.

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  • What are chemical reactions that take in energy from surroundings?

  • What are chemical reactions that absorb energy? An endothermic reaction is a chemical reaction that takes in energy from the surroundings. The opposite of an endothermic reaction is an exothermic reaction.

  • What does an energy absorbing reaction always do?

  • energy-absorbing reaction always does Enzyme a protein that acts as biological catalyst Catalyst A substance that speeds up the rate of a chemical reaction. Catalysts work by lowering a reaction’s activation energy. Substrates The reactants in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction.

  • What are the products of chemical reactions?

  • Products the elements or compounds that are produced by a chemical reaction Activation energy The energy needed to get a reaction started Energy-absorbing reaction Chemical reactions that absorb energy require a source of energy Energy-releasing reaction Chemical reactions that release energy often occur on their own

  • What must all absorb energy in an endothermic reaction?

  • Create your account For reactions that absorb energy (endothermic/endergonic reactions), they must all absorb energy from their surroundings. If you placed chilled… See full answer below.

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