what chemicals to buy for pool

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Pool Shocks Pool Shock and Super Chlorinating Chemicalsare some of the most important pool chemicals and are the base of your pool maintenance routine. When added to water, these sanitizing chemicals oxidize organic contaminants such as bacteria, deactivating and destroying them.

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  • What are the most important pool chemicals to use?

  • This might be the most important pool chemical that you have to use. Chlorine keeps your water clean and safe for use. Too much chlorine though, can make your water sting and damage the skin of anyone who swims in it. This is definitely something you want to avoid. Fe people are convinced that the stink of chlorine is worth it for a cleaner pool!

  • What is the best chlorine for swimming pools?

  • Liquid chlorine provides a simple solution for maintaining a clean swimming pool. However, it is primarily used for industrial swimming pools, where a substantial amount is required. For the vast majority of swimming pools, tablets are recommended. Effectively, bromine does the same job as chlorine, only in a different way.

  • What is the best way to add chlorine to pool water?

  • Chlorine is the primary additive in pool water and can be the best and only sanitizer you need. You can decide how you add the chlorine, but one of the most popular ways of adding chlorine to a pool in a safe way is to use chlorine tablets. Chlorine tablets are efficient because of how compressed they are.

  • Where can I buy chlorine tablets for my Pool?

  • Here at 1st Direct Pools, we supply the appropriate chemicals and products involved with maintaining a clean, safe swimming pool. You can find chlorine tablets, swimming pool covers and much more on our website. What Do Swimming Pool Chemicals Do? If untreated, the swimming pool can easily become comparable to a pond.

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