what chemicals do you need for salt water pool

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And using saltwater alters the overall quality of the pool in a way most people prefer. What chemicals do you need for a saltwater pool? The important chemicals required for your saltwater pools aresalt,calcium,cyanuric acid,chlorine,the pH level,and the alkaline.

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  • Which salt water pool chemicals does a pool owner need?

  • Which salt water pool chemicals does a pool owner need to keep their pool running? Despite what you may have heard, salt water pools do require the use of some chemicals including chlorine.

  • What chemicals are used to sterilize swimming pools?

  • Chlorine is the chemical of choice for sterilizing swimming pools, primarily because of its cleanliness, oxidation levels, and low price point. Regular chlorine pools ask you to add chlorine as needed to maintain a more-or-less constant level within the pool.

  • How much stabilizer do I put in a saltwater pool?

  • A salt water pool requires slightly higher levels of stabilizer than a regular pool and should be kept in the range of 70 – 80 ppm. If you have an indoor salt water pool that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight you can keep levels in the 5 – 30 ppm range. Stabilizer and chlorine work interchangeably and when one rises,…

  • Do you need chlorine with a salt water pool?

  • You should never have to purchase, transport or add harsh chlorine to the water and since salt water is a lot more stable by nature, it will require less chemicals than a regular pool. At the start of the season it’s important to ensure that you get your salt water pool started on the right track.

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