what chemicals do you need for pool start up

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Sanitising Your Pool The next start-up chemical you will need is sanitiser, the most common of which ischlorine. Chlorine comes in many easy-to-use forms 鈥?solid tablets, liquid and granules 鈥?and is available from several retail outlets.

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  • What chemicals do you need for an above ground pool?

  • Below is a list of common pool chemicals which you can choose to use for your above-ground pool and they can all be found at Discount Pool Supply. Sanitizers: liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets/sticks to disinfect the water. These can be added to an automatic chlorinator or chlorine floater.

  • Do you need chlorine for a pool start up?

  • You only need to add this chemical if you鈥檙e using free chlorine. However, quite a lot of people do use this type of chlorine for pool start up. You should add Stabilizer to bring your level up to 30 ppm to protect free chlorine that you鈥檝e added into your pool.

  • What is the best chemical balance for a swimming pool?

  • The Perfect Chemical Balance for a Pool Start Up. 1 pH 鈥?7.2-7.6. 2 Alkalinity 鈥?80-120 ppm. 3 Calcium Hardness 鈥?180-220 ppm. 4 Cyanuric Acid 鈥?30-50 ppm. 5 Chlorine 鈥?1-3 ppm.

  • What are pool startup chemicals?

  • Pool startup chemicals ensure that the water is clean and safe for swimmers. Once you have water levels sanitized, you鈥檒l continue testing and maintaining optimal chemical levels. Then, you need to go through the startup chemical process again when you open your pool each season.

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