what chemicals can cause a miscarriage

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Chemical Agents Associated With Miscarriage A 2006 analysis of past research found evidence that occupational exposures to these chemical agents could increase the risk of miscarriage: 6锘?Heavy metals(industrial workers, dental assistants) Organic solvents (laboratory, industrial, and dry cleaning workers)

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  • What medications increase the risk of miscarriage?

  • Caffeine, alcohol and recreational drugs also increase a woman鈥檚 risk of miscarriage. The over-the-counter pain medications that increase miscarriage risk are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen, as well as prescription drugs in the same category.

  • What are the 6 things that can cause miscarriage?

  • 6 Really Common Things That Can Cause A Miscarriage 1 Age. 2 Smoking. 3 Caffeine. 4 Alcohol. 5 Phthalates. 6 … (more items)

  • Can chemical exposure cause a miscarriage?

  • There’s no reason to panic at this point that your chemical exposure was responsible for your miscarriage or will cause you to have a miscarriage if you are currently pregnant. Recent research suggests that the average human body carries dozens of theoretically harmful chemicals, yet babies are still being born.

  • Can food poisoning cause a miscarriage?

  • Having an excessive amount of caffeine during pregnancy (more than 200 mg per day) may also increase the risk of miscarriage. Food poisoning that occurs due to consuming contaminated foods may also increase your risk of having a miscarriage. For instance:

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