what chemical when mixed with water creates fire

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If it meets water, it quickly interact withoxygenand creates water vapor. In a very high dose, the combination of both can get especially explosive. When potassium hydroxide and hydrogen gas met then both ignites violent reaction with water.

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  • How does water put out a fire?

  • When water extinguishes a fire, it does so because it doesn鈥檛 break down into its constituent elements. The water molecule doesn鈥檛 become hot enough to separate into hydrogen and oxygen and instead, has two potential actions on the fire that can put it out. Firstly, it absorbs the heat from the fire.

  • What chemicals can be mixed with water for heat of liberation?

  • Most chemicals offer a heat of liberation when diluted with water, so there are a lot of choices. Sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) generates a lot of heat when added to water, and it is non corrosive to steel. But it is very corrosive to aluminum and it is dangerous to people.

  • What are some household chemicals that actually explode when mixed?

  • Cleaning material and also pesticides are among the most dangerous household items that carry a large number of chemicals. Some chemicals even pose more threat, toxic or even deadly compound just from simple home chemicals. Here is some combination of two household chemicals that actually explode when mixed. 1. Bleach And Ammonia

  • Can water explode in a fire?

  • For instance, hydrogen sulfide is made of hydrogen gas (an odorless explosive gas) and sulfur (an odorless yellow metal), but in combination it produces something which stinks of rotten eggs! For water to contribute to a fire, it would have to be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. This occurs only during electrolysis.

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