what chemical neutralizes salt

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  • What is salt neutralized by?

  • Salt is not neutralized by a chemical, but is rather a significant part of neutralizing other chemicals through the neutralization process where acid compounds react with bases and dissolve to form salts and water.

  • What chemicals can be used to neutralize an acid?

  • A white paper by Wastech Controls Engineering, Inc. Various chemicals are available for industrial neutralization depending upon the application and whether you are neutralizing an acid or base liquid. In most cases, Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) will be used.

  • What dissolves salt crystals best?

  • Water is the most common substance used to dissolve salt for many uses. Due to the unique characteristics of water, it has a difficult time moving dissolved salt crystals off a surface. One of the characteristics of water is its high level of surface tension.

  • What is the reverse of neutralization called?

  • The reverse of the neutralization reaction is called hydrolysis. In a hydrolysis reaction a salt reacts with water to yield the acid or base: The salt will be hydrolyzed to form the acid, together with the formation of the hydroxide ion from the hydrolyzed water molecules.

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