what chemical is bath salts

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Synthetic cathinone

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  • What are bath salts and are they a drug?

  • Bath Salts don鈥檛 refer to any single drug, but rather a group of similar substances, chemically-made versions of a type of drug found in the Khat plant, an evergreen shrub from East Africa and southern Arabia. In the same way that Spice and K2 are referred to as synthetic marijuana, Bath Salts are referred to as synthetic stimulants.

  • What are the health benefits of bath salts?

  • Bath salts are stimulants or 鈥渦ppers鈥? Stimulants are substances that increase a person鈥檚 alertness, energy and attention. They also elevate a person鈥檚 heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate. Historically, stimulant drugs were used for treating obesity, asthma, various other respiratory ailments and neurological disorders.

  • What are the stimulant effects of bath salts?

  • The stimulating effects of bath salts may be desirable for their ability to decrease a person鈥檚 inhibitions and provide a euphoric effect. Although these drugs may mimic the effects of the naturally occurring khat plant, they are man-made substances with numerous potential adverse and unknown interactions in the body and brain.

  • What are bath salts and are they dangerous?

  • WHAT ARE BATH SALTS? Chemicals sold as 鈥淏ath Salts鈥?are not bath salts used in a tub, but toxic drugs whose effects are unpredictable. Many of the substances in these drugs were banned in the U.S. because of their harmful effects, and dealers use Bath Salts and other names to get around the law.

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