what characteristic determines the chemical properties of an element

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Number of valence electrons

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  • What factors determine the chemical properties of an element?

  • The three factors determine the chemical properties of an element: The number and arrangement of electrons in an atom. The number of valence electrons. The number and arrangement of electrons.

  • What are the chemical properties of an atom?

  • Chemical properties. Each proton or neutron weighs about 1 amu, and thus the atomic mass in always very close to the mass (or nucleon) number, which indicates the number of particles within the core of an atom; this means the protons and neutrons. Each isotope of a chemical element can vary in mass.

  • What is the importance of chemical properties?

  • Chemical properties. The relative occurrence of the isotopes in nature is an important factor in the determination of the overall atomic mass of an element. In reference to a certain chemical element, the atomic mass as shown in the periodic table is the average atomic mass of all the chemical element’s stable isotopes.

  • What determines an element’s position on the periodic table?

  • An element and its place within the periodic tableare derived from this concept. When an atom is generally electrically neutral, the atomic number will equal the number of electrons in the atom, which can be found around the core. These electrons mainly determine the chemical behaviour of an atom.

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