what are synthetic organic chemicals

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SyntheticOrganicChemicals(SOCs) are carbon-based compounds of man-made origin that can get into water through runoff from croplands or discharge from factories. SOCs may also come from urban storm water runoff and septic systems.

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  • What is synthetic organic chemicals (SoC)?

  • The annual Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOC) reports provided information on U. S. production and sales of synthetic organic chemicals and the raw materials from which they are made.

  • What is an example of a synthetic organic chemical?

  • The plastic container used for food storage is a classic example of a product made of synthetic organic chemicals. In this lesson, discover what synthetic organic chemicals are and take a look at some of the many examples of these chemicals.

  • What is the difference between artificial and natural sweeteners?

  • However, the term ‘artificial’ provides a big hint that the organic chemicals found in such products are not natural, but rather synthetic, or man-made. These products are used to mimic the structure of the organic compound sugar, or sucrose. The structure of synthetic sweetener Stevia versus the structure of table sugar are quite similar.

  • What makes a product organic or inorganic?

  • By definition any product that is truly organic (from a chemistry standpoint) must contain the element carbon. These products may also contain hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, potassium, sulfur, calcium, etc., but carbon is the key element that makes the product organic.

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