what are signs of chemical change

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Indications of a chemical change include:Light Emission 鈥?Certain chemical reactions produce light as a result of the reaction.Bubbles 鈥?When a chemical change occurs in a liquid solution,it very often produces gas bubbles,which can be seen in the liquid.Change Of Color 鈥?A substance changing in color is an excellent indication that some form of chemical change has happened. …More items…

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  • What are the 5 signs of a chemical reaction?

  • Chemical reactions are also known as chemical changes. There are many different ways to spot a chemical change. Five different signs include odor, temperature change, precipitate formation, production of gas bubbles, and a color change.

  • How can you tell if a change is a chemical change?

  • You can tell there is a chemical change when it produces gas, light, smell, fire (heat), or color change. A chemical change may also be accompanied by the formation of a solid in the form of a precipitate, and in some cases, accompanied by a gain or loss of energy.

  • What changes occur during a chemical reaction?

  • Temperature Change: Because there is an energy change in a chemical reaction, there is often a measurable temperature change. Light: Some chemical reactions produce light. Bubbles: Some chemical changes produce gases, which can be seen as bubbles in a liquid solution.

  • What are some examples of chemical changes in nature?

  • Signs Of Chemical Change Fireworks are examples of chemical changes. The light and heat produced are the results of chemical reactions that produce new compounds. Rust appearing on iron is an example of a chemical change. The rust is the result of iron oxide being created. Melting ice is an example of a physical change.

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