should you exfoliate before a chemical peel

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  • Do I need to prepare my skin before using a chemical peel?

  • Now, if you are using one of the stronger peels such as TCA or a Jessners or have medium 鈥?dark skin coloring, or severe pigmentation issues, you will need to prepare your skin further.

  • How long should you exfoliate before a chemical peel?

  • Since a chemical peel is an in-depth form of exfoliation, it鈥檚 important that you don鈥檛 exfoliate for at least a week or more before your appointment. Even though you might not actively exfoliate with a scrub or exfoliant, watch out for ingredients in your every-day skin products that may have an exfoliating effect.

  • What happens during a chemical peel?

  • After a short wait, the doctor will apply a wash or neutralizing solution to remove the chemical solution from your skin. Once the procedure is done, the doctor may apply a protective ointment like petroleum jelly to soothe the skin. During a medium peel, the doctor will apply the solution using gauze or a cotton-tipped applicator.

  • How long should I use glycolic acid before a chemical peel?

  • He or she may recommend that you use glycolic acid for two weeks before treatment if you will be doing a light peel. This will help your skin heal more easily and peel uniformly.

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