is tear gas a chemical weapon

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  • What is a tear gas?

  • Tear gas, also known as lachrymator agent, is a chemical compound formulated to cause irritation to the eyes of humans and other animals.

  • Is it legal to use tear gas in the US?

  • In 1925, the Geneva Convention categorized tear gas as a chemical warfare agent and banned its use during wartime. However, its use by police in the U.S. is still technically legal.

  • Is tear gas at the border a chemical weapon?

  • As the United States dispenses tear gas at the southern border, trying to deter migrants from crossing over into the U.S., there has been a lot of talk about whether or not tear gas is actually a chemical weapon. Many right-wing pundits, commentators and Twitter trolls have been claiming that tear gas 鈥渋s not a chemical weapon鈥?

  • Can tear gas be used to control crowds?

  • In the past week, there have been reports of tear gas being used to control crowds protesting the death of George Floyd, so questions have arisen on the dangers of crowd control chemicals. I am a toxicologist interested in chemicals that could be used as weapons and I do research to develop therapies for some of these chemicals. What is tear gas?

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