is resistance to corrosion a physical or chemical property

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  • What are the functionalities of corrosion-resistant materials?

  • Highly chemical resistant materials such as acrylic resins are also regarded as functionalize for corrosion-resistant materials because of their resistance to chemical activity. Chemical resistance also can affect the physicochemical properties.

  • Is corrosion a physical or chemical change?

  • Corrosion is a chemical change. Combinations of elements or compounds in a system that can combine and go into a more stable stable state (lower energy state) eventually do so. An example is a steel part rusting as the iron combines with oxygen in the air (salt and water speed this up).

  • What is the chemical resistance of materials?

  • Chemical resistance can be defined as the ability of a substance to endure itself from chemical attack for a specific period of time. Therefore materials with high chemical resistance are less likely to corrode.

  • What is the difference between physical and chemical properties?

  • A physical property measurement might change the arrangement of matter in a sample but not the structure of its molecules. When a chemical change or reaction occurs, then the characteristics observed are deemed to be chemical properties.

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