is multiple chemical sensitivity a mental illness

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Proponents of MCS syndrome believe that thepsychiatric disorderis caused by sensitivity to multiple chemical exposure at concentrations that are usually well tolerated and people diagnosed with MCS are polysymptomatic [ 13 ].

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  • Do you have multiple chemical sensitivities?

  • These people have been dubbed to have multiple chemical sensitivities or idiopathic environmental intolerance. What is multiple chemical sensitivity? Multiple chemical sensitivity is under debate in the medical community at this time.

  • What is multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS)?

  • Multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) is an acquired chronic dysfunction in which exposure to low levels of chemicals induces mild to severely disabling symptoms [1]. Symptoms are usually vague and nonspecific.

  • Does multiple chemical exposure have an impact on mental health?

  • To determine if multiple chemical exposure has an impact on mental health, we composed an original path model using structural equation analysis. Result: Our final path model can be regarded as good: CMIN/DF = 1.832, CFI = 0.996, and RMSEA = 0.038, AIC = 71.158.

  • What factors affect chemical sensitivity and mental health?

  • Additionally, significant paths were found from masking index and age to mental health (尾=0.08, 鈭?.12); however, these two factors were also associated with chemical sensitivity (R=鈭?.10, 0.17). Paths without statistical significance (p0.05) are not shown in Fig.2.

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