is melting a chemical change

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Chemical Change Melting chocolate is aphysical change that happens when cocoa butter and sugar are brought together at high temperatures. A chemical reaction takes place in the melted chocolate,creating compounds such as carbon dioxide and water.

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  • Is melting point a physical or chemical change?

  • Is melting point considered a physical or chemical change? Physical changes are largely changes of state …….. So the transition, solid to liquid, or liquid to gas, should properly be regarded as examples of physical change.

  • Is butter melting a physical or chemical change?

  • No change in the chemical composition occurs when it is melted. Thus, melting of butter is a physical process because the physical appearance of the butter changes, the change is visible to eyes, the change can be reversed and no chemical change occurs. Is butter melting on toast a chemical change?

  • What type of change is melting of ice?

  • Chemistry Questions Melting Of Ice Is A Physical Change Or Chemical Change Melting of ice is a physical change or chemical change The melting of an ice is an example of physical change. Was this answer helpful? 5 (1)

  • What is the phase change in matter when something melts?

  • Create your account Melting is the phase change in the state of matter from solid to liquid. When something melts, it doesn’t change chemically, so melting is not a… See full answer below. Our experts can answer your tough homework and study questions.

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