is freezing chemical or physical change

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Physical change

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  • Is freezing water an example of chemical or physical change?

  • – Answers Is freezing water a example of chemical or physical changes? Freezing water is a physical change. It can be undone. In all situations, ask yourself if the substance can be undone. If the substance can be undone then it is undergoing a physical change.

  • Does freezing change the chemical identity of a substance?

  • It involves a liquid changing states to a solid. Thus, freezing a substance will not change its chemical identity, but its state.

  • What happens to matter when it undergoes chemical changes?

  • In these changes, the matter always stays the same. The opposite of a physical change is a chemical change, in which the individual atoms within the substance react chemically to create new substances. These chemical changes cannot be undone, because the atoms have formed new chemical bonds and the original atoms cannot be recovered.

  • What is a physical change in water?

  • A physical change is simply a change in the material鈥檚 physical properties, such as shape or phase. Water can undergo three physical changes, as it can be found as a solid, liquid or gas. Like all physical changes, these can always be reversed, such as by thawing the ice into water or boiling water to create steam.

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