is flexibility a physical or chemical property

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  • What is the difference between physical and chemical properties?

  • The properties that can be easily measured and are observable are called physical properties while the ones that are determined by changing the structure are called chemical properties. Physical properties are divided into types: intensive and extensive properties.

  • Which of the following is a physical property?

  • Any property you can see, smell, touch, hear or otherwise detect and measure without performing a chemical reaction is a physical property. Examples of physical properties include: color. shape. volume. density. temperature. boiling point.

  • What is a flexibility science experiment?

  • This simple flexibility science experiment is really more of a test and a fun one for kids. Read on to learn how we conduct this flexibility lab and add this easy science activity to your next properties of matter unit. As students learn about structure and properties of matter they learn that properties can be observed, measured and tested.

  • What are the properties of a compound?

  • Compounds have their own characteristics, or properties as we鈥檝e been calling them, which are different from the properties of the elements they are made from. When talking about properties, there are two types of properties elements and compounds can have: Chemical properties and physical properties.

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