is fire a chemical

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  • Is fire a chemical reaction?

  • And as we learned in the last section, combustion is a chemical reaction. Science also said the flames are produced. Ergo, fire is a new thing created as a result of a chemical reaction. Fire can exist on either side of a chemical reaction. It is the result of a chemical change, and fire can cause a chemical change.

  • Is fire an element or compound?

  • Fire is made up of many different substances, so it is not an element. For the most part, fire is a mixture of hot gases. Flames are the result of a chemical reaction, primarily between oxygen in the air and a fuel, such as wood or propane. In addition to other products, the reaction produces carbon dioxide, steam, light, and heat.

  • What is fire exactly?

  • What is Fire Exactly? Fire is an exothermic, self-perpetuating reaction that happens when a solid, liquid or gas-phase fuel undergoes rapid oxidation. This is known as combustion, and the reaction releases heat, light and further chemical reactions.

  • What is fire made of?

  • You know that it generates heat and light, but have you ever wondered about its chemical composition or state of matter? Fire is the result of a chemical reaction called combustion. At a certain point in the combustion reaction, called the ignition point, flames are produced.

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