is chemical peel dangerous

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Because chemical peels can cause adverse reactions,prior to undergoing any chemical peel treatment you should provide your doctor with a complete medical history and tell your doctor if you have:a history of heart diseaserecurring fever blisters or cold soresa tendency to scar

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  • Are chemical peels bad for your skin?

  • Could Increase Skin Sensitivity Another important con of chemical peels is the fact that your skin might become sensitive after you get one. This is mostly the case in the days after the procedure when the skin is dry and scaly.

  • Can you get a chemical peel on your neck?

  • Generally, people get chemical peels for their face, but you can also get them for your neck or hands. People who feel their skin is getting old, or people who suffer from sun damage or acne can get a chemical peel to even their skin tone and get rid of some of the damage. You can also whiten your skin with this procedure.

  • Are chemical peels safe for Your Heart?

  • As like many other cosmetic procedures, chemical peels are not without their share of possible risks. Chemical peels are not recommended for individuals who have heart disease. Medical studies indicate that about 23 percent of people that have a chemical peel, experience cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Is it safe to do a Peel on your face?

  • It eliminates only the first skin layer, so it is not at all complicated or dangerous in any way. However, at the same time, you shouldn鈥檛 expect extraordinary results. Usually, this type of peel is used for slight skin discoloration or on areas where the skin is a bit rougher.

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