is a solid liquifying a chemical reaction

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  • What happens when two liquids are added to each other?

  • However, if the same two liquids created a red product, that would be evidence of a chemical reaction. This can happen between two liquids and also when a solid dissolves into a liquid. A gas can be formed when two liquids are combined, or when a solid is added to a liquid.

  • What happens when two substances combine to form new materials?

  • chemical reaction happens between two substances which are able to form chemicalbonds to create one or more entirely new materials. The new substance has differentproperties than either of the original substances and also has a different energy content.When a chemical reaction takes place, more than one of five indicators will be present.

  • How can you tell if a reaction is physical or chemical?

  • With a chemical reaction, the outcome is very difficult or impossible to reverse. This isone of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a reaction which is purely physicaland one in which chemical changes have taken place. For example, water can undergoseveral physical changes.

  • How can you tell if gas is formed from a mixture?

  • gas can be formed when two liquids are combined, or when a solid is added to aliquid. Sometimes this gas has an odor and other times it doesn’t. It is generally visible asbubbles rising to the surface of the reaction mixture, but the gas can also be soluble. Ifthis is the case it is generally very difficult to see its formation in the mixture.

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