is a compound chemically combined

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  • How do you define a compound?

  • Define Compound A compound is a pure substance that is composed of atoms of two or more elements, bonded chemically with one another in a definite proportion. Hence, it can be broken down into simpler substances by only chemical means. The properties of compounds are different from the properties of their constituent elements.

  • What is the difference between compound and mixture?

  • Compound are substances which can be formed by chemically combining two or more elements. Mixtures are substances that are formed by physically mixing two or more substances. Compounds can be of three types, which are: covalent compounds, metallic compounds and ionic compounds.

  • What are some examples of compounds and mixtures?

  • An easy example would be salt which is a compound because it contains two elements 鈥?sodium and chlorine. A mixture is created when two or more substances are combined physically in indefinite proportions.

  • What is the difference between elements and compounds?

  • These types are called elements, and their properties vary substantially. For example, the element hydrogen contains atoms with just 1 proton in the nucleus, while the element polonium contains atoms with a whopping 84 protons in the nucleus. A compound is where atoms of different types are joined or bonded together in molecules.

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