how to soften natural black hair without chemicals

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Coconut cream

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  • How to soften natural hair without Relaxer?

  • Aloe vera is a great solution how to soften natural hair without relaxer for dry and damaged hair due to excessive use of dye chemicals鈥?It also helps hair grow stronger and faster. The materials needed are 3 tsps of yoghurt, 4 tsps of pure aloe vera and 2 tbps of essential oil (coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil)

  • How to soften hair without bleach?

  • In folk medicine, if a woman wants to soften the hair she successfully uses all sorts of concoctions of herbs and plant extracts. Most of the funds have the broth of linden, chamomile, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice; Another group of mitigating home remedies contains vegetable oils-flax, olive, burdock, buckthorn oil, etc.

  • How to soften coarse hair?

  • As for balms and conditioners, it is necessary to specify the presence of substances to soften coarse hair in their composition – lanolin, natural oils, citric acid and hyaluronic acid, vitamins A and E. Yet another important factor is the water temperature.

  • What is the best natural treatment for damaged hair?

  • Coconut oil [1] is truly an effective natural treatment for hair care, because it is not only able to moisturize but it also nourishes deeply from the inside of the hair, especially damaged hair. Coconut oil also stimulates faster hair growth and provide nutrients to keep hair smooth and soft.

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