how to make gold with chemicals

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Thehydrogen sulfide reacts in turn with sodium arseniteto precipitate tiny crystals of golden arsenious sulfide, which is also known as arsenic trisulfide (As 2 S 3) or orpiment. Both Western and Chinese alchemists experimented with orpiment to try to make gold.

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  • How do we make gold?

  • In principle, we can therefore create gold by simply assembling 79 protons (and enough neutrons to make the nucleus stable). Or even better, we can remove one proton from mercury (which has 80) or add one proton to platinum (which has 78) in order to make gold. The process is simple in principle but hard to do in practice.

  • How to make gold plating solution?

  • How to Make Gold Plating Solution. 1 Step 1: Nitric Acid. If you already have nitric acid at the concentration 50% or above, you may skip this step. In order do dissolve gold, we will … 2 Step 2: Making Gold (III)Chloride. 3 Step 3: Final Step, Making Gold Plating Solution. 4 1 Person Made This Project! 5 Recommendations.

  • Is it possible to make gold by chemical reaction?

  • The ancient alchemist dream of creating gold by simply reacting chemicals is therefore impossible. You have to use nuclear reactions to create gold. The difficulty is that nuclear reactions require a lot of energy. The nucleus of a stable atom is very tightly bound together, so it is hard to get anything permanently into or out of the nucleus.

  • Can gold be made from other elements?

  • Can gold be created from other elements? | Science Questions with Surprising Answers Yes, gold can be created from other elements. But the process requires nuclear reactions, and is so expensive that you currently cannot make money …

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