how to find the products of a chemical reaction

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Productsin ChemicalEquations When a chemicalequation is written, reactants are listed on the left side, followed by the reaction arrow, and finally by-products. Productsare always written on the right side of a reaction, even if it is reversible.

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  • What are the products of a chemical reaction?

  • In essence, the products of a chemical reaction are rearrangements of the reactants. They cannot exist without chemical reactants; if there are no chemical reactants then there can be no chemical products.

  • How can I determine the chemical formula of a product?

  • How can I determine the chemical formula of a product? Short answer: It depends on the kind of reaction taking place. Let’s go through the six types: 1) Combustion reactions.

  • How do you predict the products of reactions?

  • To predict the products: Replace the single element with the corresponding element in the compound !A metal will replace the cation in the compound !A non-metal will replace the anion in the compound 鈥疘f the element is more reactive than the one it attempts to replace, then the reaction will be spontaneous and exothermic

  • How many reactants and products can a reaction have?

  • Notice that it is possible for a reaction to have only one reactant or multiple, and likewise, it is possible to have one product or many. The number of reactants and products does not matter 鈥?but the number of atoms in the reactants and products is critically important.

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